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Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio Deer Report - Friday

Join Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio host Craig Woerpel for the annual Deer Report. He is joined today by Bruce Belongie with the Great Lakes Timber Show, Ken Bucholtz, with Wheelin' Sportsmen and Roy Dahlgren with the U.P. Trappers Association.



Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio Deer Report - Thursday

Join Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio host Craig Woerpel for the annual Deer Report. He is joined today by Al Ettenhofer with U.P. Whitetails Association, Tonya Ettenhofer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area and Bruce Belongie with the Great Lakes Timber Show.



Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio Deer Report - Wednesday

Join Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio host Craig Woerpel for the annual Deer Report. He is joined today by Al Ettenhofer with U.P. Whitetails Association, Tonyia Henderson, owner of Derouin's Auto Body & Collision and Tim Kobasic's daught Lisa Kobasic Gramza.



Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio Deer Report - Tuesday

Join Trails & Tales Outdoors Radio host Craig Woerpel for the annual Deer Report. He is joined today by Shawn Cannon at Cannon Forestry, Rod Stende at Elmer's County Market and Leroy Destrampe.



Escanaba students go to alternating day schedule to prevent COVID-19 quarantines

Students at the Escanaba Jr and Sr. High School will begin alternating day schedules starting Monday. School Superintendent Coby Fletcher says they will divide the student body in half to lower the number of students at the school building during the day.


On Friday, all students from the 6th through 12th grades will meet online for an abbreviated schedule to give staff more preparation time.


Fletcher says the goal of the new schedule is to lower the number of quarantines that can affect the attendance of students and staff at school.



Absentee ballots keep clerks busy, Przewrocki says


Getting absentee ballots to voters in some cases has been slow in Delta County as city and township clerks deal with a large number of requests for ballots.


Delta County Clerk Nancy Przewrocki said local clerks are doing a great job responding but there have been issues of getting absentee ballots out in a timely manner.


“It’s kept the city and township clerks very busy. It’s even more difficult for the township clerks who are part-time. It’s created a lot of extra work for them which is ok. They are up for the challenge. It’s just that ballots in some townships are not going out as fast as people would like. We are addressing those issues,” she said.


Przewrocki said she has been helping township clerks address the volume of requests. About 3 million absentee ballots have been requested so far in Michigan. About half have been returned. 


Przewrokci said there are drop boxes at some city and township halls. Ballots can also be delivered to the clerk’s office. 


If you decide to vote in person on Nov. 3 after requesting an absentee ballot, Przewrocki said you must bring the ballot with you to the polls.


“You’re going to have to surrender the ballot that you already have, Przewroki said. “So, if you want to vote at the polls on Election Day, bring that absentee ballot with you in the envelope. Bring it to the precinct with you. You will surrender it and get a ballot at the precinct.”

Because of the high number of absentee ballot requests, Przewroki said attempting to vote at the polls in August became an issue for those who did not bring their absentee ballots with them.


Absentee ballots will be counted on Election Day. In some cases, the ballots will go through the same tabulator as those voting at the polls.

OSF St. Francis Hospital handles a growing number of COVID-19 testing

OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group has been testing between 140 and 170 patients a day for COVID-19 as numbers continue to climb in Delta County.


Dr. William Hook, Chief Medical Officer at OSF, says they have been learning to better manage the numbers of people who need to be tested. It includes a drive-in area that can take the pressure off of the walk-in clinic. 


You call 1-833-673-5669 to make an appointment or text OSF to 67634. The website is osfhealthcare.org.



McBroom talks about Whitmer moving U.P. back to Phase 4, State Supreme Court ruling

State Sen. Ed McBroom talks about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer moving the Upper Peninsula from Phase 5 back to Phase 4 in the MI Safe Start Plan as COVID-19 number rise, the State Supreme Court ruling that the governor's ongoing state of emergency under a 1945 law is unconstitutional and what it all means for the U.P. as we move forward.



Fishing group reacts to report of large fish die-off on Escanaba River

State officials are investigating a large die-off of fish that may have been the result of a chemical spill from the Escanaba Paper Mill.


Frank Pearson with Bay de Noc Great Lakes Sport Fishermen says the incident sets back the group's fish stocking efforts.



McIntyre focuses on economic development in run for Delta County Board

Rebbeca McIntyre is running for Delta County Commissioner to bring different ideas forward on economic development. She says Delta County has a lot of potential based on its position in the U.P.



This is the first time that McIntyre has run for office. However, it is not the first time she has had contact with county operations. 


She was involved in a community corrections program through UPCAP that was an alternative sentencing program. Funding for the program ran out a couple of years ago. 


McIntyre is running as a Democrat in District 4. When she filed, she believed she would be running against the incumbent, Dave Moyle in the Democratic Party, however, Moyle filed for re-election as a Republican. 


McIntyre says the party change will not affect what she plans to do to run for office. 

Groleau Memorial Race focuses on suicide prevention

Aly Sullivan talks about the Groleau Memorial Race that will be hed Saturday, July 25 at the U.P. International Raceway in Escanaba. The goal is to raise awareness of suicide the resources available to help. Christian Groleau was a racer at the fairgrounds. He took his life in January. Sullivan talks about the effort to save others.



Moyle changes party in Delta County Board re-election over second amendment rights

Democrats will not find Dave Moyle on their side of the ballot in the August Primary. The Democratic Commissioner on the Delta County Board has switched parties in this year’s election. 


Moyle says he was a Democrat based on family tradition but says his support of the second amendment made him rethink his party affiliation. He says he is not switching parties because of a possible challenge on the Democratic ticket.



Moyle says he realizes he may be a controversial commissioner at times but says his push to make Delta County a second amendment sanctuary county and other stances are important to him.


Moyle says the most important programs he has supported as a county commissioner include expanding the Delta County Veterans Services position and establishing the Delta Regional Child Advocacy Center. He says he enjoys being a commissioner because of the ability to help other people.


Moyle is running in District 4. He is being challenged in November by Rebecca McIntyre who is running as a Democrat.

Delta County Nonmotorized Trails announces single tract trail

Delta County Nonmotorized Trails Secretary Rick Elrod says the development of a 22 mile single tract mountain biking trail at the Days River Pathway will draw bikers to the area. He says the U.P. is already getting attention as a mountain biking destination.


The group has announced that it is partnering with the Department of Natural Resources to build the trail. Elrod says they will be looking for funding to construct the trail over the next several years.



U.P. State Fair Authority approves continuation of livestock shows at fairgournds

The U.P. State Fair Authority approved plans to go ahead with livestock exhibitions at the U.P. State Fairgrounds in August despite no state fair this year because of COVID-19 restrictions.


State Sen. Ed McBroom who represents Dickinson County on the authority says the event will be called the Lori Branstrom Memorial Livestock Expo.



Held from August 17th through the 22nd, the various animal shows will be staggered throughout the week to limit attendance. 


The Junior Market Livestock Sale will be held Saturday, Aug. 22. 


McBroom says details of the auction still need to be worked out including where it would be held. One possibility is the grandstands to allow more social distancing.  

McBroom says COVID-19 restrictions postpones U.P. State Fair

U.P. State Fair Authority memeber, State Sen. Ed McBroom, talks about the authority's decision Monday to postpone the fair until 2021 due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions. 


The Upper Peninsula State Fair has been postponed until 2021. The U.P. State Fair Authority made the decision after determining that they would not be able to meet the current crowd restrictions. 


Skerbick Entertainment Group was also denied permission to operate its fair rides.


The Fair Authority and Delta County Chamber worked since the beginning fo the pandemic to make the fair happen. They developed health and safety plans with local and state authorities based on the state expanding crowd size restrictions. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said yesterday that she was not going to be reopening the state further by the Fourth of July.


Chamber Director Vickie Micheau says they now look forward to making the 2021 fair the “best fair yet” during a safer, healthier time.


The Fair Authority is asking that livestock departments put together a plan to hold livestock exhibitions for youth raising animals this year. 

Delta Force P.I. awarded Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

Involved in security at today’s presidential visit at Marinette Marine is Delta Force P.I., a private security company in Gladstone.

The company is been responsible for security at Marinette Marine. Molly Barron will be there with her K-9 Delta trained in detecting explosives and more staff will be hand for President Trump’s visit.



The company has just signed a five contract with Marinette Marine to provide security. Delta Force started by Barron and Jim McNeil in 2014 and has grown to 60 employees today. It was just announced that they will receive the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business.


The company is now hoping to be able to provide security at the Soo Locks.

Blasier apologizes for shooting violent protestor 'joke' during council meeting

Several people are calling for the resignation of Escanaba City Councilman Ralph Blaiser for comments made at Thursday’s city council meeting. A sign at the Black Lives Matter protest in Escanaba Saturday also read “Recall Blasier.”


During a discussion on the city continuing with fireworks for the Fourth of July, Blasier suggested shooting demonstrators in the legs who commit violence during the fireworks.


Saying it was a joke that fell flat, Blaiser Friday apologized.



U.P. State Bank CEO talks about expansion, U.P. potential, operating under COVID-19

The Upper Peninsula State Bank has purchased property to open an office in Marquette. They purchased the former Burger King property on West Washington Street in Marquette and hired Andy Herro to serve as Marquette County Community Bank president.


Bank President and CEO David Williams says Marquette is a thriving community. He also talks about working with business owners during th COVID-19 pandemic.



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