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McIntyre focuses on economic development in run for Delta County Board

Rebbeca McIntyre is running for Delta County Commissioner to bring different ideas forward on economic development. She says Delta County has a lot of potential based on its position in the U.P.



This is the first time that McIntyre has run for office. However, it is not the first time she has had contact with county operations. 


She was involved in a community corrections program through UPCAP that was an alternative sentencing program. Funding for the program ran out a couple of years ago. 


McIntyre is running as a Democrat in District 4. When she filed, she believed she would be running against the incumbent, Dave Moyle in the Democratic Party, however, Moyle filed for re-election as a Republican. 


McIntyre says the party change will not affect what she plans to do to run for office. 

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