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Escanaba dentist talks about getting the COVID-19 vaccination


As a healthcare provider, Dr. Beth Knudsen of Knudsen Dentistry in Escanaba was one of the first in the community to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. She says it has given her a sense of relief.


It was no different, she said, then getting a flu shot.


"It was actually pretty routine," she said. "We got an email from the health deaprtment that said we were eligible because we are health care providers in the area. We have contact, obviously, with patients right up close so we called, made our appointment and went over. It was very simple. Just like getting any other flu vaccine or any other shots that I've taken."


Most of the staff has received the vaccination including her husband Eric who is a partner in the practice.


Even though they are getting the vaccination, Knudsen said they will continue to take the precautions they have developed since the beginning of the pandemic.


"We certainly are taking precautions and we're going to be taking them for quite awhile becasue it is still out in the general public and it's going to take a long time, a couple of months i'm going to suspect, for the general public to receive the vaccines," she said.


Knudsen said they are finding that some of their patients, especially their older ones, are deciding to stay home rather than come in for routine care. Otherwise, she says the staff does a good job assuring patients that they are safe.


Patients are screened before and during their appointments and they’ve installed new air purifiers in the rooms. Medical staff will also continue to wear extra PPE including masks and face shields.


The vaccination requires them to get a second round of shots. Knudsen said it will take a few weeks after that for the vaccine to take effect.

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