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Newsmakers Archives for 2020-10

Absentee ballots keep clerks busy, Przewrocki says


Getting absentee ballots to voters in some cases has been slow in Delta County as city and township clerks deal with a large number of requests for ballots.


Delta County Clerk Nancy Przewrocki said local clerks are doing a great job responding but there have been issues of getting absentee ballots out in a timely manner.


“It’s kept the city and township clerks very busy. It’s even more difficult for the township clerks who are part-time. It’s created a lot of extra work for them which is ok. They are up for the challenge. It’s just that ballots in some townships are not going out as fast as people would like. We are addressing those issues,” she said.


Przewrocki said she has been helping township clerks address the volume of requests. About 3 million absentee ballots have been requested so far in Michigan. About half have been returned. 


Przewrokci said there are drop boxes at some city and township halls. Ballots can also be delivered to the clerk’s office. 


If you decide to vote in person on Nov. 3 after requesting an absentee ballot, Przewrocki said you must bring the ballot with you to the polls.


“You’re going to have to surrender the ballot that you already have, Przewroki said. “So, if you want to vote at the polls on Election Day, bring that absentee ballot with you in the envelope. Bring it to the precinct with you. You will surrender it and get a ballot at the precinct.”

Because of the high number of absentee ballot requests, Przewroki said attempting to vote at the polls in August became an issue for those who did not bring their absentee ballots with them.


Absentee ballots will be counted on Election Day. In some cases, the ballots will go through the same tabulator as those voting at the polls.

OSF St. Francis Hospital handles a growing number of COVID-19 testing

OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group has been testing between 140 and 170 patients a day for COVID-19 as numbers continue to climb in Delta County.


Dr. William Hook, Chief Medical Officer at OSF, says they have been learning to better manage the numbers of people who need to be tested. It includes a drive-in area that can take the pressure off of the walk-in clinic. 


You call 1-833-673-5669 to make an appointment or text OSF to 67634. The website is osfhealthcare.org.



McBroom talks about Whitmer moving U.P. back to Phase 4, State Supreme Court ruling

State Sen. Ed McBroom talks about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer moving the Upper Peninsula from Phase 5 back to Phase 4 in the MI Safe Start Plan as COVID-19 number rise, the State Supreme Court ruling that the governor's ongoing state of emergency under a 1945 law is unconstitutional and what it all means for the U.P. as we move forward.



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